app.library package


app.library.auth module

app.library.auth.check_auth(credentials: HTTPBasicCredentials = Depends(HTTPBasic), db: Session = Depends(get_db))[source]

Check base64 encoded auth (this is HTTP Basic auth.)

async app.library.auth.get_basic_header(authentication)[source]
app.library.auth.not_authenticated(detail='Incorrect user or token.')[source]

app.library.env module

app.library.flux module

app.library.helpers module

app.library.helpers.get_int_arg(payload, key)[source]

Attempt to get (and parse) and integer argument. Fallback to None.


Get a <page>.md file from the app root.

app.library.helpers.has_boolean_arg(payload, key)[source]

A helper to determine if a payload has a key, and it’s in some derivation of True


app.library.launcher module

app.library.launcher.launch(kwargs, workdir=None, envars=None, user=None)[source]

Launch a job with a known launcher

Module contents

Last update: Mar 10, 2024