flux-sched v0.7.0 Released

This is an alpha release of flux-sched and is not intended for production use.

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes


  • sched/plugin: track flux-core module API changes (#414)
  • Ensure scheduling correctness with different prune filter configurations (#419)
  • travis: fix docker and github release deployment (#424)
  • travis-ci: fix docker deploy better (#426)
  • docker: update repo tag names, ensure flux-sched installed with prefix=/usr (#427)
  • docker: add yaml-cpp dependency (#428)
  • config: Fix a non-portable use of shell conditionals for automake (#405)
  • config: Add libtoolize into autogen.sh (#406)
  • Integrate jobspec into resource, etc (#398)
  • Compilation fixes (#417)


  • travis-ci: use docker for test builds (#392)
  • resource: support for hwloc ingestion (#385)
  • Add support for resource matching service (#386)
  • planner: Replace zhash_t to zhashx_t for higher performance (#391)
  • resource: wire in –prune-filters option for resource-query and matching module (#401)
  • resource: Add run-level support for resource matching module (#418)
  • Add better autoconf support for libboost (#394)


  • build: do not install libflux-rdl.so, fix rebuild of aclocal.m4 on first make (#421)
  • sched: remove trailing whitespaces (#376)