flux-core v0.31.0

Published: Nov 6, 2021 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release includes two noteworthy system instance improvements: crashed/offline nodes now marked offline for scheduling, and support has been added for prolog/epilog scripts that run as root.

For prolog/epilog setup info, see the Flux Admin Guide:


  • build: allow python 3.10.0 to satisfy version check (#3939)
  • resource: avoid scheduling on nodes that have crashed (#3930)
  • broker: fail gracefully when rundir or local-uri exceed AF_UNIX path limits (#3932)
  • broker: ignore missing ldconfig when searching for (#3926)
  • job-manager: fix running job count underflow and use-after-free when an event is emitted in CLEANUP state (#3922)
  • fix problems building flux when 0MQ is not installed as a system package (#3917)
  • python: do not auto-stop ProgressBar by default (#3914)

New Features

  • support job prolog/epilog commands (#3934)
  • job-manager: add prolog/epilog support for jobtap plugins (#3924)
  • libidset: add high level set functions (#3915)
  • kvs: optionally initialize namespace to a root reference (#3941)
  • rc: load job-archive module in default rc (#3942)


  • improve broker overlay logging and debugging capability (#3913)
  • man: Add note about shell quoting/escaping (#3918)


  • mergify: set queue method to merge, not rebase (#3916)
  • mergify: replace strict merge with queue+rebase (#3907)
  • testsuite: fix non-bourne shell test failure (#3937)