flux-core v0.34.0

Published: Jan 29, 2022 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release features the automatic draining of “torpid” (unresponsive) nodes, to prevent new work from being scheduled on them until the instance owner investigates and runs flux resource undrain.


  • libsubprocess: fix excess logging and logging corner cases (#4060)
  • doc: fix cross-references (#4063)
  • flux-proxy: improve experience when proxied Flux instance terminates (#4058)
  • flux-perilog-run: improve usefulness of logging when prolog/epilog fails (#4054)
  • Fix issues found on Cray Shasta (perlmutter) (#4050)
  • env: fix prepend of colon-separated paths in reverse order (#4045)
  • python: fix ImportError for (#4042)
  • job-list: fix “duplicate event” errors (#4043)
  • systemd: set linger on flux user (#4035)

New Features

  • shell: enhance pty support (#4075)
  • add broker.starttime; add uptime to flux-top, flux-pstree (#4076)
  • libflux: add flux_reconnect(), revamp flux fatal error callback (#4016)
  • doc: add/improve man pages for config files (#4057, #4069)
  • resource: drain torpid nodes (#4052)


  • broker/content: misc cleanup (#4074)
  • improve error message from flux-proxy and flux-jobs for invalid and unknown jobids (#4062)
  • cmd/flux-ping: make help output clearer (#4061)
  • configure: Add python docutils check, do not require doc utils to build flux help (#4056)


  • testsuite: fix non-bourne shell test failure (#4064)
  • sharness: unset FLUX_CONF_DIR for all tests (#4059)
  • ci: fix use of and add poison flux-* commands (#4046)