flux-core v0.6.0

Published: Oct 30, 2016 by flux-framework

This is an alpha release of flux-core and is not intended for production use.

Download from GitHub here.

Release Notes


  • Fixes for ATS testsuite compatibility (#914)
  • python: install kz bindings file (#895)
  • broker: adjust errno response to “upstream” request on rank 0 (#913)
  • Fix for possible unconstrained memory growth in modules/libjsc (#891)
  • Fix error message on flux-help failure (#887)
  • Issue fatal error in wrexecd for invalid tasks on node (#901)
  • Fix barrier protocol incompatibility with older jansson versions (#889)

New Features

  • Add a flux content service API (#903)
  • Enhance option parsing library for thread safety and new features (#908, #910, #911)
  • Add flux_rpcf_multi(), and new “any” and “upstream” nodeset options (#909)
  • Add HostName key in resource-hwloc by_rank directory to allow easy resolution of rank to hostname in a flux session (#892)
  • Add -d option to flux-kvs dir, dirat, and watchdir to restrict output to key only. (#896)


  • flux-ping refactor and cleanup (#898, #904)
  • Check expected size of json_int_t during configure (#902)
  • Other various cleanup, refactoring and testing updates.