flux-core v0.12.0

Published: Aug 1, 2019 by flux-framework

This is an alpha release of flux-core and is not intended for production use.

Download from GitHub here.

Release Notes


This version of flux-core replaces the old execution prototype, “wreck”, with a new job submission and execution protocol. The new system does not yet have support for all the features of the prototype, however it is capable of running jobs specified in version 1 jobspec format with an advanced and performant job submission API.

For early adopters:

  • To generate jobspec, see flux jobspec
  • To submit jobspec, see flux job submit
  • Instead of flux wreckrun try flux srun
  • Instead of flux wreck ls try flux job list
  • Instead of flux wreck kill/cancel try flux job kill/cancel
  • Job events are recorded detailed eventlog, see flux job eventlog <id>
  • Experience job synchronization with flux job wait-event
  • Attach to submitted jobs with flux job attach
  • Want info about a job? Try flux job info
  • Waiting for all jobs to complete? Try flux job drain

New Features: