flux-sched v0.8.0

Published: Dec 6, 2019 by flux-framework

This is an alpha release of flux-sched and is not intended for production use.

Download from GitHub here.

Release Notes


This version of flux-sched integrates our new graph-based scheduler with the new execution system within flux-core. For this purpose, it introduces the qmanager module that can easily enforce various queuing and backfilling policies on batch jobs while serving as a conduit between our resource matching service and flux-core’s job-manager. In addition, it adds a new resource match policy that considers the performance class of each compute node as a constraint for scheduling to handle the natural performance variations of modern microprocessors. Finally, this version lays some of the foundational work to allow flux-sched to ultimately reconstruct its state using the queue state of job-manager for resiliency.

New features

  • qmanager: integrate with the new exec system (#481)
  • qmanager: add hello/exception callback support (#493)
  • qmanager: add EASY/HYBRID/CONSERVATIVE policies (#504)
  • resource: RFC20 resource set specification version 1 support (#455)
  • resource: add hwloc whitelist support (#467)
  • resource: add set- and get-property support (#490, #513)
  • resource: add support for checking a job’s satisfiability (#503)
  • resource: support for variation-aware scheduler (#517)
  • resource: add JGF reader support (#521)
  • resource: resource graph metadata (by_path) optimization (#536)
  • libjobspec: update command to be list instead of list or string (#549)
  • resource: add resource update support (#543)
  • add smart pointer support and misc. cleanup (#537)
  • test: add test cases to support systems with disaggregated resources (#460)
  • test: add test cases for AMD GPUs (#464)


  • resource: tidy up JGF match writer support (#520)


  • resource/sched/simulator: update KVS API usage (#435)
  • build: fix build issues for (#434)
  • api: sync flux-sched with removed interfaces in flux-core (#440)
  • resource: update for kvs watch API removal (#442)
  • API: remove the use of deprecated Python API (#450)
  • resource: update to flux_respond_error() (#457)
  • resource: bug fix for incorrectly handling implicit exclusivity (#502)
  • libschedutil: remove vendored copy and use flux-core’s exported lib (#516)
  • testsuite: update to version from flux-core (#523)
  • rc3: Fix a bug in RC3 dir definition within (#525)
  • resource: fix buffer overflow when handling slot type in a jobspec (#548)