flux-core v0.15.0

Published: Feb 4, 2020 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes


This release fixes a critical issue (#2676) with flux module remove in flux-core-0.14.0 that causes rc3 to fail when flux-core is integrated with flux-sched.

New features

  • flux-job: add raiaseall, cancelall, killall (#2678)
  • flux-queue: new command to control job queue (#2659, #2687)
  • flux-jobs: support listing nnodes and ranks (#2656, #2705)


  • shell: expand lua api to improve error handling in shell rc scripts (#2699)
  • shell: improve error messages to users on exec failures (#2675)
  • flux-job: (attach) fetch log messages even when shell init fails (#2691)
  • flux-job: (attach) add -v option (adds file,line log messages) (#2691)
  • flux-job: (list) make filtering options match flux jobs (#2639)
  • flux-job: (list) make JSON output the default (#2636)
  • flux-job: (drain,undrain) drop subcommands (see flux queue) (#2659)
  • job-info: transition state after retrieving data from KVS (#2655)
  • job-info: add checks in sharness test to avoid racyness (#2666)
  • job-info: rename attributes to ease parsing (#2643)
  • flux-jobs: add –from-stdin option and other small fixes (#2648)
  • python: allow JobspecV1 to accept 0 gpus_per_task (#2701)
  • optparse: always display --help usage first in command help output (#2691)
  • libflux: add message cred helpers (#2670)
  • github: check flux-sched@master against submitted flux-core PRs (#2680)


  • shell: fix bad exit from mvapich rc script, avoid flux.posix in rcs (#2699)
  • shell: fix race between stdin/out readers and eventlog creation (#2688)
  • shell: install shell.h: the public api for shell plugins (#2690)
  • shell: chdir() into current working directory (#2682)
  • rc: improve rc3 reliability, add flux module remove -f option (#2676)
  • testsuite: fix unsafe getenv in libpmi tests, /tmp usage in sharness (#2669)
  • job-manager: fix counting problem that leads to scheduler sadness (#2667)