flux-core v0.20.0

Published: Sep 30, 2020 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release features changes to support Flux as the native resource manager on small (<= 256 node) clusters, for testing only. A draft system administration guide is available at:

New features

  • hwloc: add printing of num GPUs to flux hwloc info (#3217)
  • resource: mark nodes down when they are stopped (#3207)
  • broker: allow late-joining brokers, execute rc1/rc3 on all ranks (#3168)
  • shell/pmi: add improved PMI key exchange mechanism (#3219)


  • job-manager: communicate job priority changes to job-info (#3208)
  • job-info: handle annotations race (#3196)
  • python/job: Update state_single default header (#3227)
  • libidset: reject idset strings that don’t conform to RFC 22 (#3237)
  • job-info: handle job-priority changes (#3208)
  • doc: list sphinx as a doc dependency in (#3225)
  • testsuite: fix race in python SIGINT test (#3224)
  • job-manager: fix segfault changing priority of a running job (#3220)
  • shell: allow multiple resources per level in jobspec (#3175)
  • python: allow Ctrl-C interrupt of Future.get() and wait_for() (#3215)
  • shell: use F58/alternate encodings in output file template (#3206)
  • fallback to ASCII for F58 FLUIDs with FLUX_F58_FORCE_ASCII (#3204)
  • rc: load sched-simple only if no other scheduler is loaded (#3177)
  • docker: do not install Sphinx via pip in Centos8 image (#3195)
  • flux-jobs / python bindings: handle empty string conversions (#3183)


  • reduce log noise (#3226)
  • flux-comms: remove obsolete command (#3211)