flux-core v0.21.0

Published: Nov 5, 2020 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release enables resources to be configured in advance when Flux is the native resource manager for a cluster, in lieu of dynamic discovery. For details, refer to the Flux Admin Guide:

New features

  • optparse: don’t sort options/subcommands by default (#3298)
  • flux-job: Output key options for job info (#3210)
  • resource: load resources from config or R, and rework topo discovery (#3265)
  • add internal librlist library and flux-R utility for R version 1 (#3276)
  • job-info: use job manager journal to track job state (#3254)
  • job-manager: support events journal (#3261)
  • shell: support stdio buffering options (default stderr: unbuffered) (#3272)
  • flux-kvs: Add ‘flux kvs eventlog wait-event’ subcommand (#3200)
  • job-manager: send job annotations to journal instead of publishing (#3236)
  • add hostlist library for encoding/decoding RFC29 hostlists (#3247)


  • broker: convert broker [bootstrap] config to use libhostlist (#3283)
  • libflux: Add missing C++ header guards (#3280)
  • cmd: display jobid with flux-mini alloc -v, –verbose (#3279)
  • python: fix signal handler management in threads (#3266)
  • rc1: fix local connector retries (#3301)


  • remove flux-hwloc reload command and aggregator module (#3296)
  • doc: add flux-jobs(1) examples (#3295)
  • job-manager / job-info: misc cleanup (#3246)
  • build: increase minimum version of jansson to 2.10 (#3240)
  • ci: ensure pylint script fails when lint warnings are produced (#3269)