flux-core v0.23.0

Published: Jan 25, 2021 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release adds a job priority plugin framework, enabling the flux-accounting project to set job priorities with a fair share algorithm.

The scheduler protocol (RFC 27) and libschedutil convenience API have changed, therefore users of flux-sched must upgrade to 0.15.0.

New features

  • jobtap: prototype job-manager plugin support (#3464)
  • flux-mini: add bulk job submission capabilities (#3426, #3478)
  • job-manager: send updated priorities to schedulers (#3442)
  • job-manager: support job hold and expedite (#3428)


  • connectors/ssh: forward LD_LIBRARY_PATH over ssh when set (#3458)
  • python: fix use of Flux.reactor_run() from multiple threads (#3471)
  • python: misc. fixes to docstrings and argument names in bindings (#3451)
  • python: fix circular reference in check_future_error decorator (#3437)
  • python: fix ctrl-c, re-throw unhandled exceptions in reactor_run() (#3435)
  • shell: fix dropped stdout from shell plugins in task.exec callback (#3446)


  • ci: limit asan build to unit tests only (#3479)
  • libschedutil: API improvements and priority integration (#3447)
  • configure: add switch to allow flux to be built without python (#3459)
  • testsuite: remove sched-dummy, migrate testing to sched-simple (#3462)
  • testsuite: add debug, workarounds for failures in github actions (#3467)
  • test: fix test for installing poison libflux (#3461)
  • cleanup: update outdated terminology (#3456)
  • Globally standardize spelling of “canceled” (#3443)
  • ci: better script portability and other small updates (#3438)
  • testsuite: fix invalid tests, cleanup list-jobs, avoid hard-coding (#3436)
  • fix github actions on tag push (#3430)