flux-accounting v0.8.0

Published: Apr 27, 2021 by cmoussa1

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes


  • Updated headers of source files in the fairness directory (#113)

  • Fixed module/dependency installation strategy of flux-accounting on the bionic Docker image (#114)

  • Fixed bug where old job usage values incorrectly included old factors when applying a decay value (#118)

  • Fixed bug where the all job usage factors were incorrectly updated multiple times in one half-life period (#118)

  • Fixed bug where a historical job usage value was updated even in the case where no new jobs were found in the current half-life period (#118)

  • Fixed bug where the last seen job timestamp was reset to 0 if no new jobs were found for a user (#118)


  • Added a new fairshare field to the association_table in a flux-accounting database (#116)

  • Added a new writer class which will update associations with up-to-date fairshare information (#116)

    • Added a subclass data_writer_db which will write fairshare information to a flux-accounting SQLite database
  • Added a new subcommand to flux account that calculates and updates historical job usage values for every association in the flux-accounting database (#118)