flux-accounting v0.13.0

Published: Jan 31, 2022 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes


  • Improve sharness tests to use flux account commands directly in tests (#180)

  • Change positional and optional arguments in edit-user command to align with other edit-* commands (#181)

  • Fix bug in view-user preventing the ability to view more than one row if a user belonged to more than one bank (#187)

  • Remove outdated admin_level column from association_table in flux-accounting database (#188)

  • Fix incorrect listing of association_table headers in the view-user command (#193)

  • Fix UNIQUE constraint failure when re-adding a previously deleted user to the same bank in the flux-accounting database (#193)

  • Convert the qos argument into positional arguments for both the view-qos and edit-qos commands (#193)


  • Add new enforcement policy in multi-factor priority plugin to only count running jobs towards an “active” jobs counter (#177)

  • Add section to top-level README on flux-accounting database permissions (#188)

  • Add new optional arguments to view-bank command to view sub bank hierarchy trees or users belonging to a specific bank (#194)

  • Add bulk database populate tool to upload multiple user or bank rows at one time via .csv file (#195)