flux-core v0.36.0

Published: Mar 2, 2022 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release adds support for restarting a Flux system instance in safe mode after a failure to shut down properly – for example in the case of a broker crash. New flux-startlog(1) and flux-uptime(1) commands are also introduced to give a quick review of the start and stop times and status of the current Flux instance.

System instance users will want to update their configuration files to set tbon.tcp_user_timeout and remove tbon.keepalive_*, if present. For more information, see the Flux Admin Guide:


  • job-exec: fix job hang after early IMP/shell exit (#4155)
  • broker: allow tbon.zmqdebug to be set in config file and make sure it’s really off if set to 0 (#4127)
  • broker: handle network partition (#4130)
  • shell: capture job shell error messages in designated output file (#4125)
  • resource: emit a more specific error when rlist_rerank() fails (#4126)
  • flux-overlay: fix timeout error message (#4131)
  • README: add libc development packages in requirements (#4133)
  • libflux/future: set missing errno in flux_future_wait_for() (#4162)
  • flux-config-archive(5): fix TOML example (#4164)
  • shell: fix delay in completion of jobs with a single shell rank (#4159)

New Features

  • flux-uptime: provide useful output for slow/stuck broker state (#4172)
  • improve KVS checkpoint protocol to allow for future changes (#4149)
  • add flux config get (#4166)
  • broker: use RPC not control message for broker module sync/status (#4110)
  • docs: add Python overview documentation (#4104)
  • Support new libsdprocess to launch processes under systemd (#3864)
  • rename keepalive messages to control messages (#4112)
  • resource: enhance resource.drain RPC with “update” and “overwrite” modes (#4121)
  • broker: replace keepalive tunables with tcp_user_timeout (#4118)
  • kvs: add date to kvs-primary checkpoint (#4136)
  • libpmi2: implement bits needed for Cray MPI (#4142)
  • add flux-uptime command (#4148)
  • add flux-startlog and enter safe mode after crash (#4153)
  • libflux: add flux_hostmap_lookup(3) (#4157)


  • drop unused project meta files (#4170)
  • doc: update flux-broker-attributes(7) (#4119)
  • python: return JobID from flux.job.submit, not int (#4134)
  • consolidate multiple *_error_t structures into a common flux_error_t (#4165)
  • drop unused project meta files (#4170)


  • testsuite: remove unportable cshism (#4115)
  • codecov: minor improvements for coverage reporting (#4147)
  • testsuite: add clarification comments (#4167)