flux-core v0.44.0

Published: Oct 5, 2022 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

flux-core version 0.44.0 - 2022-10-04

This release includes initial support for job queues, which can be configured to partition resources with different limits and defaults. See flux-config-queues(5) for details.

Other highlights include:

  • Add ability to modify jobspec at the time of ingest with a new job frobnicator framework similar to the existing validators.
  • A new alternative to system.R for configuration of resources (See flux-config-resource(5) for details)
  • All child Flux instances are resilient to non-critical node failures
  • Updates to flux jobs including better default output, a set of new default named formats (See flux jobs --format=help), and support for config files to add more named formats.

New Features

  • ingest: set configured queue constraints (#4587)
  • ingest: enable frobnicator when needed by [queues] or [policy] (#4608)
  • reject jobs submitted to a named queue when none are configured (#4627)
  • make queue state persist across instance restart (#4640)
  • flux-mini: add -q, --queue=NAME option (#4599)
  • flux-top: add minimal support for job queues (#4605)
  • flux-jobs: support getting job queue and filtering by job queue (#4579)
  • flux-jobs: support collapsible format fields (#4591)
  • flux-jobs: add configurable named formats (#4595)
  • flux-jobs: add queue to builtin format strings (#4607)
  • flux-jobs: add --format=long (#4642)
  • flux-jobs: support width and alignment with !d conversion specifier (#4597)
  • python: add contextual_time jobinfo field (#4641)
  • python: add contextual_info jobinfo field (#4626)
  • broker: reduce tbon.tcp_user_timeout (#4632)
  • make child instances resilient to non-critical node failures (#4615)
  • resource: support configuration of resources in TOML config (#4566)
  • drop environment from KVS jobspec (#4637)
  • docker: add namespaced builds for spack/ubuntu (#4577)


  • flux-mini: change default unit for --time-limit to minutes (#4565)
  • job-list: handle per-resource “cores” special cases (#4630)
  • job-list: handle per-resource ntasks special case (#4555)
  • job-list: use libjj to parse jobspec (#4611)
  • job-list: parse tasks with total count in jobspec (#4651)
  • job-info: return error on invalid eventlog append (#4624)
  • flux-shell: always use pmi=pershell by default (#4621)
  • ingest: require job queue if [queues] are configured (#4616)
  • job-ingest: assign jobspec defaults before scheduler feasibility check (#4529)
  • configure: remove --without-python (#4584)
  • configure: fix obsolete autotools warnings (#4588)
  • fix error message when running (#4590)
  • job-manager: print better errors on inactive move (#4586)
  • broker: fix use-after-free segfault (#4570)
  • python: uri: use path to current flux executable in lsf resovler (#4559)
  • spack: add flux-core container build (#4561)
  • improve signal/noise ratio in systemd journal logs (#4560)
  • flux-mini: improve an error message and documentation for per-resource options (#4549)
  • doc: document {id.dec} in flux-jobs(1) (#4548)
  • doc: add note about flux --parent option in flux-mini(1) (#4650)
  • job-manager: do not ignore failure to load configured plugins (#4647)


  • job-list: remove circular header dependencies (#4639)
  • job-list: split out job information into new files (#4575)
  • job-list: misc cleanup (#4563)
  • Container base: remove view copy (#4551)


  • testsuite: document FLUX_TEST_VALGRIND (#4643)
  • testsuite: remove errant test_done call (#4609)
  • testsuite: fix spurious resource norestrict test failures on some version of hwloc (#4550)