flux-core v0.60.0

Published: Mar 6, 2024 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

flux-core version 0.60.0 - 2024-03-05

Note: This release replaces the flux-filemap() command with an enhanced new command called flux-archive(1). Simple invocations of flux-filemap(1) will continue to work for a while to enable migration to flux-archive().

New Features

  • job-manager: support suppression of prolog/epilog output with perilog.log-ignore pattern list (#5772)
  • flux-job: attach: support MPIR tool launch extension (#5758)
  • add flux job hostpids command (#5765)
  • shell: support opening output files with -o output.mode=append (#5766)
  • shell: add rexec plugin (#5605)
  • shell: unset HWLOC_COMPONENTS with hwloc.xmlfile (#5759)
  • flux-job: add shorthand paths for flux job eventlog and wait-event (#5749)
  • flux-archive: add new command for file broadcast (#5701)
  • completions: support completion of jobids with plain f, support flux-hostlist(1) (#5745)
  • libtaskmap: support decode of raw (semicolon-delimited) taskmaps (#5735)
  • shell: make kvs output limit configurable and default single-user jobs to unlimited (#5732)
  • add flux-hostlist(1) (#5724)


  • broker: catch an improper use of groups and handle it gracefully (#5762)
  • shell: fix incorrect values returned from flux_shell_get_rank_info() (#5756)
  • shell: generate fatal error if block taskmap scheme has an argument (#5730)
  • do not drain ranks when job is canceled during prolog (#5742)
  • optparse: fix segfault when subcommand registration fails due to invalid options table (#5740)
  • fix various typos (#5761)


  • doc: pull in admin guide (#5763)


  • fix various typos (#5761)
  • libsubprocess: minor API cleanup (#5699)
  • cmd: split flux-job into separate source files (#5747)
  • job-info: support lookup of updated jobspec, remove manual construction of updated R / jobspec (#5635)
  • job-info: add JSON_DECODE & CURRENT flags, deprecate job-info.update-lookup (#5633)


  • github: update deprecated actions (#5768)
  • testsuite: fix t2617 to utilize /dev/urandom (#5757)
  • testsuite: fix random-generation of kvs archive files in t0021 (#5751)