flux-core v0.30.0

Published: Oct 7, 2021 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes


  • job-manager: small fixes for the alloc-bypass plugin (#3889)
  • job-manager: release after:JOBID dependencies after “start” instead of “alloc” event (#3865)
  • shell: avoid dropping stderr after a PMI abort (#3898)
  • shell: require FLUX_SHELL_PLUGIN_NAME in plugins to fix logging component discovery (#3879)
  • libflux: deactivate RPC message handlers after final response (#3853)
  • remove duplicate directories from FLUX_RC_EXTRA, FLUX_SHELL_RC_PATH (#3878)
  • t: fix incorrect method call in test-terminal.perl (#3888)
  • Fix a couple build and test issues on ppc64le with clang 6.0+ (#3875)

New Features

  • jobtap: allow jobtap plugins to query posted events for jobs (#3863)
  • jobtap: allow jobtap plugins to subscribe to job events (#3861)
  • job-exec: enable manual override option for mock execution jobs (#3868)
  • shell: improve initrc extensibility, support version specific mpi plugin loading (#3890)
  • shell: fixes and enhancements for plugin loading (#3859)
  • shell: allow default rc path to be extended via FLUX_SHELL_RC_PATH (#3869)
  • shell: add taskids idset to flux_shell_get_rank_info(3) (#3873)
  • shell: add library of Lua convenience functions for use in plugins (#3856)
  • resource: fail get-xml request on quorum subset (#3885)


  • libflux/future: fix comment typo (#3860)
  • Fix typo for v0.29.0 (#3857)


  • docker: add –build-arg to docker-run-checks, systemd-devel to centos8 (#3871)
  • ci: add fedora 34 build and fix compiler errors from gcc 11.2 (#3854)