flux-core v0.32.0

Published: Dec 5, 2021 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release adds early groundwork for recovering running jobs across a Flux restart. It also includes improved log messages based on user feedback about Flux failures on real workflow runs, a first draft of a new flux top tool, and a critical fix for system deployments of Flux (#3958).


  • python: fix reference counting for Python Message objects (#3983)
  • python: avoid early garbage collection of Watcher objects (#3975)
  • libflux: improve safety against refcounting bugs in message functions (#3985)
  • shell: reject PMI clients that request v2 (#3953)
  • resource: don’t abort if topo-reduce is received more than once (#3958)

New Features

  • systemd: start flux systemd user service (#3872)
  • broker: record child instance URIs as job memo (#3986)
  • Support job memo events (#3984)
  • job-exec: checkpoint/restore KVS namespaces of running jobs (#3947)
  • set hostlist broker attribute when bootstrapped by PMI (#3966)
  • add flux_get_hostbyrank() and improve broker attribute caching (#3971)
  • broker: log slow nodes during startup (#3980)
  • add flux-top command (#3979)


  • flux-overlay: improve default status output, rework options (#3974)
  • job-exec: improve job exception message/logging on broker disconnect (#3962)
  • drop flux-jobspec command (#3951)
  • improve flux-mini bulksubmit –dry-run output with –cc (#3956)
  • README: update LLNL-CODE (#3954)
  • broker/overlay: misc cleanup (#3948)
  • bring up to date (#3990)
  • docker: fix and update ci dockerfiles (#3991)


  • testsuite: sanitize environment, fix hang in t2607-job-shell-input.t (#3968)