flux-core v0.33.0

Published: Jan 9, 2022 by flux-framework

Download from GitHub here

Release Notes

This release includes several improvements in the recursive tooling in Flux to enhance the user experience when dealing with nested jobs.

Highlights include:

  • Improved interface for job URI discovery allows flux proxy and flux top to target jobids directly.
  • Addition of a -R, --recursive option to flux jobs
  • Support in flux top for selecting and recursing into sub-instances
  • A new flux pstree command for displaying job hierarchies in a tree


  • systemd: fix typo in flux.service unit file (#3996)
  • libflux: check reactor flags (#4014)
  • fix uninterruptible hang when attached to terminated jobs with -o pty (#4010)
  • cmd/flux-jobs: re-work -A option and clarify -a option (#4012)
  • broker: avoid inappropriate quorum.timeout (#4027)
  • add workaround for invalid job timeouts when system is busy (#4037)

New Features

  • add FluxURIResolver Python class and flux-uri command for job URI discovery (#3999)
  • cmd: support high-level URIs and JOBID arguments in flux-top and flux-proxy (#4004, #4015)
  • flux-top: allow top to recursively call itself (#4011)
  • flux-jobs: add –recursive option (#4019, #4024)
  • flux-jobs: support instance-specific fields in output (#4022)
  • add flux-pstree command (#4026)


  • doc: add flux-resource(1), clean up help output (#4021)
  • doc: audit / cleanup SEE ALSO and RESOURCES, add cross references (#4007)
  • doc: misc updates and fixes (#4009)
  • connector cleanup (#4013)
  • connectors: avoid embedded synchronous RPC for subscribe/unsubscribe (#3997)


  • testsuite: minor testsuite fixes (#4023)
  • ci: add ability to run tests under system instance (#3844)
  • fluxorama: allow user to sudo to flux user, add common systemd environment vars to flux user’s bashrc (#4031)