About the Flux Operator


We have vision for a future where the cloud and high performance computing communities are working together, and learning from one another to build new technologies that combine the best of both worlds. If you think about it, the area between cloud and HPC is muddled at best, akin to a “fog of war” in your favorite computer game. We aim to shed some light on this fog, and map out the landscape that will make it possible to easily move workloads between cloud and HPC environments. The Flux Operator is the first of these projects - by way of create Flux Framework MiniClusters to launch jobs to, Flux offers co-scheduling, jobs communication and coordination, and portability directly within Kubernetes. We are developing with excitement, planning for the future, and running experiments, and hope to be able to share with you some early results soon. If you have any questions, please let us know

Talks and Presentations

Last update: Apr 04, 2024