This quick set of tutorials shows how to accomplish specific tasks with the Flux Operator. For these tutorials, we assume using a generic cluster. For cloud-specific tutorials, see the Deployment tutorials. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know

Isolated Tutorials

The following tutorials are provided from their respective directories (and are not documented here):





  • Distributed-fractal: Using distributed-fractal to generate a fractal across nodes with GRPC. You might want to use a volume or other means to keep the cluster running (sleep infinity post command) to retrieve the image.

  • dragonboat: simple consensus algorithm-driven state machine demonstration using the flux operator. See this repository.


Process Namespace

Machine Learning

Message Passing Interface (MPI)

Niche Use Cases

  • disable-view: Use the flux packaged in your application container, and customize the flux view to some other container (required)

Queue Interaction

These examples show how to interact with your flux queue from a sidecar container (that has access to the flux broker of the pod):

  • flux-sidecar to see a sleep job in the main application queue


  • Flux Metrics API: run a custom metrics API directly from the lead broker to help with autoscaling

  • Nginx: to run alongisde your MiniCluster (and possibly expose functionality)

  • Flux Restful: to run a restful API server alongside your cluster.


  • ramble: recommended if you require installation with spack.

We have just started this arm of our experiments and you can expect more as we go!

Integrated Tutorials

The following tutorials are included in the rendered documentation here.

Last update: Apr 04, 2024