These sections include common errors that you might run into developing the operator.


Pull Errors

I had a problem where the containers I wanted to deploy seemed to time-out during pull. In the pod logs I would see:

Context deadline exceeded

In this case, if you manually pull first with ssh (and then don’t ask to re-pull) you should be able to get around this.

$ minikube ssh docker pull

Service Already on Port 8080

One time I messed something up and my metrics server was still running (and I couldn’t start again) and I killed it like this:

$ kill $(lsof -t -i:8080)

Workers completed too early

If you see that your workers are entering state Completed and not connecting to the main broker, first try adding a worker pre command block to sleep (and ensure they start after the main broker):

  workerPre: sleep 60

This will fix the error if you have a lot of setup logic and there is some race for the workers and lead broker starting. If that doesn’t work, then look at the logs of the lead broker (index 0) and see if there is an obvious error message. If so, this would result in the behavior we see here. If that doesn’t give insight, then likely the lead broker is still not working, but it’s hard to see, and your best bet is to set interactive: true under the main spec, and then shell into the lead broker container, connect via flux proxy (and that usually looks like this):

$ sudo -u flux -E $(env) -E HOME=/home/flux flux proxy local:///run/flux/local bash

And then try running your command to look for obvious issues.

CRD should be installed

If you see something like:

1.6605195805812113e+09	ERROR	controller-runtime.source	if kind is a CRD, it should be installed before calling Start	{"kind": "", "error": "no matches for kind \"Flux\" in version \"\""}

You need to remove the previous kustomize and install the CRD again:

$ rm bin/kustomize

Configs not taking

If your resource (config/samples) don’t seem to be taking, remember you need to apply them for changes to take effect:

$ bin/kustomize build config/samples | kubectl apply -f -

Fields not showing up

Since we are providing the instance as a reference (&instance) to get the fields from that you sometimes need to do:


Otherwise it can show up as an empty string!


Since many configs are created in the operator, a strategy to debug what you are creating is to write them out verbatim in a yaml folder alongside the repository. The “describe” commands of kubectl are useful for debugging specific Kubernetes objects:

# Why didn't my statefulset create?
kubectl describe -n flux-operator statefulset


Here is a general debugging strategy. To view a resource (in the flux-operator namespace):

$ kubectl --namespace flux-operator get pods

I found this helpful for debugging the stateful set - e.g., it was stuck on ContainerCreating:

$ kubectl describe -n flux-operator pods

If you need to clean things up (ensuring you only have this one pod and service running first) I’ve found it easier to do:

$ kubectl delete pod --all

# Service shorthand
$ kubectl delete svc --all
$ kubectl delete statefulset --all

# ConfigMap shorthand
$ kubectl delete cm --all

And take a look at the project Makefile that has some commands pre-set for you, and feel free to add other combinations that might be useful.

Last update: Apr 04, 2024