The Flux Operator

Coming Soon

Welcome to the Flux Operator Documentation!

The Flux Operator is a Kubernetes Cluster Operator that you can install to your cluster to create and control Flux Framework MiniClusters to launch jobs to. With the Flux Operator you can:

  1. Create an ephemeral MiniCluster to run one job

  2. Create a persistent MiniCluster to submit jobs to via user interface, command line, or language SDK.

  3. View logs and job information via the same interfaces!

The Flux Operator is currently 🚧️ Under Construction! 🚧️ We are working on core functionality along with providing a library of examples from HPC. This is a converged computing project that aims to unite the worlds and technologies typical of cloud computing and high performance computing.

To get started, check out the links below! Would you like to request a feature or contribute? Open an issue.

Last update: Sep 10, 2023